Fees, Services & Rates

Fees, Services & Rates

Cullman Electric Cooperative’s rate structure is dictated by Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) policy, and currently includes several different parts that fluctuate, some on a quarterly basis and others on a month-to-month basis. The current rate scheduled can be downloaded at the links below.

Cullman EC Rates - May 2020 (pdf)

Cullman EC Outdoor Lighting Rate Schedule - May 2020 (pdf)

Schedule of Fees & Services Effective July 1, 2019

Membership Fee $5.00

Security Deposit

a. Residential*

Letter of credit or approved credit rating $0.00

Standard Deposit $350.00

b. General Service/Non-residential* – A deposit or suitable guaranty will be required of any non-residential customer before electric service is supplied.  A suitable guaranty includes any of the following or combination thereof:

1. Surety bond  

2. Irrevocable letter of credit from bank 

3. Certificate of Deposit made payable to CEC and account name 

4. Cash

5. If qualified, consumer may provide up to one-half (1/2) of the required deposit amount in the form of accounts receivable insurance, and pay to the Cooperative the premium for said insurance.   

The deposit amount for a non-residential account will be two (2) times the highest electric bill during to the most recent twenty-four (24) months if available.  In addition to a security deposit, a non-residential account may be required to have account-holder sign a personal guaranty.

The estimated monthly bill may be determined by:

1. Previous actual usage at the location  

2. Load data provided by the member

3. Usage of load information of comparable business

A non-residential member with an anticipated usage of less than 500 kWh (such as electric fences, tractor sheds, water pumps, grain bins, barns, hay barns, etc.) with a previous 12 month approved pay history with Cullman Electric Cooperative may be exempt from a deposit for the low usage service.

* Either party may review deposits upon request after 12 months of service and thereafter on an annual basis for the purpose of adjusting the deposit amount accordingly.

Origination Fee $50.00

Transfer Fee (using last read date) $20.00

Same Day Guarantee Connection Fee

Before Noon $85.00

After Noon No Same Day Guarantee

Service Tap-up Fee $100.00

(This includes any service requiring a service truck such as connect for mobile home, new house, barn, chicken house, and temporary board). Temporary to permanent service fee included.  Includes up to two trips; all additional trips will be $100.00 each.

Aid-to-Construction Charges - As described in the Cooperative’s Line Extension Policy (pdf)

Cut Seal Fee – As described in the Cooperative’s Cut Seal/Cut Service Policy (pdf)

PrePay Metering

Minimum Set-up Payment $25.00

Monthly Service fee $4.00

Meter Tampering/Diversion of Current Charge $250.00

Second time thereafter $500.00

Site-visit Meter Reading Fee $37.50 per month

Meter Replacement 

Actual cost of meter plus half (1/2) hour labor cost, but a minimum of $250.00

Reconnection /Cut-Off for Non-Payment

Reconnection Fee 

Regular Hours (Monday – Friday 7:30 am to 4:00pm) $100.00

After Hours (4:00 pm to  6:00 pm) $100.00

* No Non-Pay Reconnections after 6:00 p.m.

Service truck regular hours  (7:00 am – 3:30 pm) $100.00

Service truck after hours  (3:30 pm – 6:00 pm) $225.00

Delinquent Trip Fee $50.00

Late Fee/Penalty 5% of balance

Return Check Charge Applicable State Law

Meter Testing $50.00

Third-party Collection Fee Actual Cost

Security Light (existing pole) 

As described in the Cooperative’s Security Light Agreement

a. Installation Fee (Owner Occupied) $100.00

b. Installation Fee (Non-Owner Occupied) $150.00    

c.   Security Light with Pole Full Cost 

d.   Change-Out Security Light Fee – Relocate $100.00

Adjustments for Billing Inaccuracies 36 Month Limitation

As described in the Cooperative’s Procedure (pdf)

Additional Rates are available upon request