Fees, Services & Rates

Fees, Services & Rates

Cullman EC Rates - June 2019 (pdf)

Cullman EC Outdoor Lighting Rate Schedule - June 2019 (pdf)

Cullman Electric Cooperative’s rate structure is dictated by Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) policy, and currently includes several different parts that fluctuate, some on a quarterly basis and others on a month-to-month basis. The current rate scheduled can be downloaded at the links above.

  • Membership: $5.00
  • Deposit
    • Residential*: $0.00/$350.00
    • Non-Residential/Commercial*: A deposit or suitable guarantee equal to two (2) times the individual estimated usage will be required of any commercial account holder before electric service is supplied. A suitable guarantee includes any of the following or combination of:
  • Surety bond
  • Irrevocable letter of credit from a financial institution
  • Certificate of deposit made payable to Cullman EC and account name.
  • Cash
  • If qualified, consumer may provide up to one-half (1/2) of the required deposit amount in the form of accounts receivable insurance, and pay the Cooperative the premium for said insurance.

    In addition to a security deposit a non-residential account may be required to have the account-holder sign a personal guaranty. The estimated monthly bill will be determined by:

  • Previous actual usage at the location
  • Load data provided by the member
  • Usage of load information of comparable business

A non-residential member with an anticipated usage of less than 500 kWh (such as electric fences, tractor sheds, water pumps, grain bins, barns, hay barns, etc.) with a previous 12-month approved pay history with Cullman Electric Cooperatiave may be exempt from a deposit for the low usage service.

*Either party may review deposits upon request after 12 months of service and thereafter on an annual basis for the purpose of adjusting the deposit amount accordingly.

  • Origination Fee (connect/transfer): $30.00
  • Origination Fee using last read date: $20.00
  • Guarantee Same Day  $75.00 plus $30 Origination Fee. Requests must be received by noon.
  • Service Tap-up: $40.00 (This includes any service requiring a service truck such as connect for mobile home, new house, barn, chicken house and temporary board.) Temporary to permanent service fee included. Includes up to two trips; all additional trips will be $40.00 each.
  • Aid-to-Construction Charges: As described in the cooperative’s LineExtensionPolicy.
  • Engineering Estimate Charges: $50.00 Minimum
  • Prepay Metering Fees: $25.00 setup/$8.00 monthly service
  • Tampering/Theft of Service: $250.00 first time / $500.00 second time and thereafter
  • Site-visit Meter Reading Fee: $37.50 per month
  • Security Light (existing pole)
    • Installation Fee (Owner Occupied): $30.00
    • Installation Fee (Rental Property): $150.00
    • Relocation Fee: $30.00
  • Re-connection/Cut-off for Non-Payment
  • Late Fee/Penalty: 5% of balance
  • Return Check Charge: Applicable State Law
  • Meter Test Fee: $25.00
  • Meter Replacement Fee: Actual cost of meter plus half (1/2) hour labor cost, but a minimum of $175.00
  • Aid-to-Construction: As described in the cooperative’s LineExtensionPolicy.
  • Solar Generation Application Fee – $500.00
  • Solar Generation Monthly Administrative Fee (For Systems Not On TVA Green Power Switch Program) – $44.44