Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy

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Cullman Electric Cooperative is your source for information on renewable energy. As a member of an electric cooperative, you have a network of knowledgeable and highly trained professionals who can answer your questions. Cullman Electric Cooperative does not sell, install or maintain solar power systems or equipment. Our primary concern is making sure co-op members have safe, reliable and affordable electricity. We will provide honest, straightforward answers to all your questions — as well as some you might not have considered — to help you make the best decision for your family or business.

If you would like to speak with a Cullman Electric Cooperative employee about renewable energy, call 256-737-3200, or contact us via email at

TVA renewable energy portfolio

Cullman Electric Cooperative is a TVA power distributor. TVA generates and transmits electricity to local power companies, including Cullman Electric Cooperative, that distribute power to more than 9 million people in homes and businesses across seven southeastern states. TVA’s power generation portfolio includes solar, wind, and biogas. Click here to learn more about TVA’s key renewable resources and how they work.

TVA Green Power Providers

In addition to renewable energy it produces, TVA has programs that residential, business and commercial users can sign up for to generate their own renewable energy. TVA’s Green Power Providers program works with Cullman Electric Cooperative to help co-op members install renewable energy systems. On the Cullman EC system, members receive credit for 100 percent of the generation these systems create and sell back to TVA, which reduces the member’s monthly power bill.  Click here to find out more about the TVA Green Power Providers program.



Can members install solar on their own?

Yes. Co-op members can contract with private companies to install solar power systems for their property. However, unless the member is operating under a TVA approved program, they will not receive compensation for any excess generation that they do not use.

Before you sign any paperwork, we recommend the following:

CONSUMER EDUCATION — Purchasing a solar power system is a major financial investment that should not be taken lightly, so do your homework. Does a deal sound too good to be true? Is the system being sold to you too big or to small for your home or business? What are tax credits? What happens if I sell my home before the lease or purchase contract expires? Find out if the company you are dealing with has done business in the area, and ask for a list of customer references. Make sure you understand the financial commitments and other legal obligations included in a contract before you sign it. 

CONTACT US — Before you get too far into the process, contact Cullman Electric Cooperative. We will provide honest, straightforward answers to all your questions, as well as some you might not have considered, to help you make the best decision for your family or business.

SAFETY FIRST — If you install a solar power or other renewable energy systems at your home or business without using the TVA Green Power Providers program, please contact Cullman Electric Cooperative. We can make sure the necessary safety equipment is properly installed to prevent electricity from back feeding onto the power lines, which could pose a deadly threat to co-op linemen and other employees who work on our system.

Touchstone Energy Resources

Cullman Electric Cooperative is a Touchstone Energy cooperative, which means you have access to information from a national network of experts