TVA EnergyRight and eScore

TVA EnergyRight and eScore

Whether you own a home or you are running a business, you are always looking for cost-savings. What more can you do to save money? 

The EnergyRight ® program by Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) is designed to help you manage your home or business as energy efficient as possible. The program has tools, including incentives, that can help you spend less on your power bills, leaving more money for the other important things. 

The eScore™ program is a partnership program between Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), Cullman Electric Cooperative, and local contractors. From free advice and how-to videos to professional in-home energy audits to major home renovations, eScore™ provides homeowners with step by step assistance on ways to reduce energy consumption.

There are serval ways for members to utilize the eScore™ program once registered. Account registration does not commit you to participate in any part of the program.

  1. Research ways to save: eScore™ has videos, tip sheets, and upgrade guides to learn more about what you could be doing in your home to save energy and money. Some improvements are no to low cost changes you can make today. 

  2. Take the eScore™ Self Audit: Complete your online self-audit and learn where your home is losing energy. If you need ideas on how to make your home more comfortable, this free, self-guided evaluation will walk you through areas of your house where you could be losing energy and money. Receive a free energy-saving kit and $10 Home Depot gift card while supplies last.

  3. Request an eScore™ Professional Energy Evaluation: An eScore™ energy advisor will visit your home to conduct a personalized assessment of your home’s energy use. You will receive a tailored list of recommended energy upgrades to make your home the best it can be. Some fees may apply.

  4. Find TVA-Trained, Approved Contractors through the Quality Contractor Network (QCN):  With eScore™, you have access to a network of professional contractors, known as the Quality Contractor Network, who have been trained and approved by Cullman Electric Cooperative and TVA. Each contractor is licensed and insured and completes training on our quality guidelines. In addition, their work through eScore™ is inspected by our professional energy advisors for free to ensure it’s done the right way.